A God of Impossibilities

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“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Do you ever feel like you are asking and asking and asking, and God is not answering? Or maybe He is answering with a simple, “No.” You would happily take a, “Not yet”, but it just seems to be a, “No.”

Let’s chat for a minute. You may be surprised to hear that we are not going to speculate all the reasons why God says, “No” nor are we going to talk about all the scriptures that Jesus tells us to ask, anything, in His name and it will be given (although I have a feeling I will want to look at those Scriptures very, very soon).

Nope. Today, we are going to refocus by looking at all the times God could have and should have said, “No” but said, “Yes” anyways.

We serve a God of impossibilities. The Bible is not a story of exceptions. These people were human, men and women. Just. Like. Us. And incase you have forgotten, let me remind you that we serve the same God that we read about in the Bible. The same God…

Let me also remind you…remind us, of just a few of the examples (not exceptions) of impossibilities. Virtually every page of the Bible is evidence of something impossible happening. Let’s take a look:

  • Creation. (Genesis 1 and 2) God created everything from nothing. We could stop right here and that would be enough.
  • Babies from the barren. (Genesis 18-21) She who was said to be barren, not to mention in her mid sixties, was promised a child. And God asked her, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” From her came descendants as numerous as the sands on the seashore.
  • Water from a rock. (Exodus 17) In their wandering, the Israelites became thirsty. God commanded Moses to strike a rock and water came out. Life giving water came from stone.
  • The dead were raised. (1 Kings 17) This widow’s only son became sick and died. Elijah prayed that the boy would live, and the Lord heard his cry. Remember, Elijah was a man, just like us.
  • Rescued from the flames. (Daniel 3) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were throne into the fire for refusing to worship the image of gold. They said, “…the God we serve is able to save…” And it was done.
  • The sick woman healed. (Matthew 9) A woman who had been bleeding for 12 years believed that if she only touched the cloak of Jesus she would be healed. And do you know what? She was.
  • The lame could walk. (Mark 2) The faith of the paralyzed man’s friends is astounding. They lowered the man through the roof of a house just so he could be seen by Jesus. Not only did Jesus heal the man, he forgave his sins.
  • A baby from a virgin. (Luke 1-2) Mary found favor with God. She was chosen to carry a humanly impossible conception. How? “For nothing is impossible with God.”
  • Death was conquered. (Luke 23-24) The ultimate act of impossibilities: death was defeated, and we can now be reconciled to God.

Maybe right now you are in the midst of a seemingly impossible situation. Maybe you are in a troubled marriage. Maybe you have a difficult boss and being Christ to her is the last thing you want to do. Maybe you want a child and it’s just not happening. Maybe you are faced with two choices and have no idea which direction to go. Or maybe you feel alone, like you will never have a friend who really gets you. It is different for all of us. Anytime those thoughts of doubt creep in or you fear that nothing will ever change, open up the Word. It won’t take you long to be in the heart of a story where God is doing the impossible.

God’s intervention does not always mean your circumstance will change. He doing the impossible may mean leaving you right where you are, showing you that indeed you can make it through the “impossible” marriage, work situation, season of loneliness, tough decision, or you fill in the blank. In times of greatest desperation is where our God does some of His most incredible work.

Have a little faith. Open your eyes. And see the impossible being done right before your eyes.




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