A Happy Birthday

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Today is my 15th birthday.

Stuart and I often talked with Joey and Carolyne that as Christians it is more important to celebrate baptism birthdays than physical birthdays. Physical days of birth are undoubtedly special and necessary (obviously). But without a spiritual rebirth this life is for not.

I can remember specifically what I was doing on many birthdays and some of my spiritual birthdays. There is one birthday I remember vividly because of a challenging time in my life. While journaling and reading a card from Carolyne this morning, I recalled part of the journey that God and I have been on.  But what really hit me in a new way is that 15 years ago I was saved from sin I never even knew I would become entangled with. More than that, when Jesus died on the cross and more significantly, rose from the dead, I was covered from what would happen more than 2000 years later. If you are a Christian this is your story, too. While we were still sinners Christ died for us. This may be one of the most beautiful concepts in all of Scripture. What kind of freedom would that bring if we lived like we truly believed this?! There is an abundance grace in the love of God. Obviously, this is not a license to do whatever we want. No, this grace in love compels us to live a holy life and to share why we have hope and freedom.

So today, this is just a quick reminder that Christ died for us a long time ago, while we were still sinners, while we were still living in darkness, and before we even knew we would need a Savior. While we can celebrate this all year I am cherishing this truth today on my 15th birthday. I remember that Sunday morning vividly: the purity I experienced coming out of the water and the innocent resolve to never sin again. And today I take hold of that same freedom I felt many years ago. While we were still sinners Christ died. And THAT is why this is a Happy Birthday.

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