A New Perspective

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My two favorite places to write are on the love seat or at a coffee house. This afternoon I became tired of the same feeling and looking at the same curtains. So now I write you from a chair that faces the love seat. I’m looking a new direction. I have new perspective.

This may be a bit of a reach, but go with me for a minute. I wanted something different, and I simply changed where I am sitting. And that changed everything. This seat cushion is firmer. The back of the chair, sturdier. My lower back no longer hurts because I am forced to sit up straight. I have a completely different view, now seeing the dining table, bookshelf, china cabinet, and Buck (my brother-in-laws mounted deer head that constantly stares at me). This change in perspective came from simply turning around and planting myself somewhere else.

Isn’t this how so much in life is? We turn our eyes to something or someone else, turn our head from gazing at the past to what lies ahead, and suddenly we have a new perspective.

This point is short and sweet: if you want a new perspective on life change seats.

Maybe this wasn’t as much of a reach as I thought…



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