Spilled Milk Moments

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You know that old saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk”? Whoever wrote that obviously didn’t have children.

The meltdown was one for the books and possibly the greatest to date. The night was a perfect storm, and spilled milk was definitely cried over.

I had been worrying myself sick about this unusual spot on Annabelle’s scalp. A series of doctor visits landed us in the office of a neurosurgeon. While the previous eight doctors were ninety-nine percent certain that there was no underlying damage, an MRI is the only way to confirm this assumption. This recommendation coupled with lack of sleep, being away from Stuart for a few days, Annabelle possibly developing a cold, and her four month shot appointment at the end of the week, my emotions were on high alert.

I started to nurse AB like I do about eight times every day, only this time nothing happened. Because of the stress my milk would not let down. After twenty minutes of trying, we were both crying. I immediately went into panic mode of thinking I would not be able to feed my baby. Never mind that we have many bags of milk in our freezer, not to mention several weeks’ worth in a freezer in Amarillo. AND not to mention that there is formula available. My baby would not starve. But in that moment I thought I would not be able to feed her ever again. Dramatic? Perhaps. Overwhelming and very real in the moment? Absolutely.

To make matters worse, I could not remember how much water to add to the bottle warmer to defrost the milk. It didn’t take long to realize I had put way too much water which resulted in too much steam which resulted in a compromised bag. Milk. Was. Everywhere. Yes, I cried over spilled milk.

Today’s thought is for all you moms: know you are not alone. You have had your “spilled milk” moment. Or more accurately, “moments” in the plural. We are all trying not to lose our minds. Yet there is no greater joy than in the fight of keeping your sanity while loving and caring for your children. But sometimes when the milk is spilled, we just need a good cry. Know its okay. Know you are not alone. Know you can keep going. And remember that motherhood is one of the greatest blessings, tears and all.

Have a good cry. Take a deep breath. And mom on.

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