Roller Coaster: Part 2

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You know what one of my favorite things about God is? He never leaves us hanging. No matter what I feel or what questions I have, God always has an answer. And he always shows up.

Let’s follow up from last week’s topic: emotional roller coaster. I want off! How can this be a reality? The freedom lies in Christ.

As I mentioned before I tend to let emotions get the best of me. Possibly one of my lowest points since moving happened the last week of the year. For about 3 days I spent a lot of time crying and a lot of time in front of the TV (maybe not the best solution to a problem). But that is not what I’m here to write about this morning. I’m here to tell you about the freedom that came after those days. And no sooner than e-a-c-h l-e-t-t-e-r– i-s -t-y-p-e-d I fully expect Satan to come at me with everything he has. He wants nothing more than to steal our joy, play to our emotions, and cause us to rely on ourselves, or really, anything other than God.

I have grown up in the church. From the moment I was old enough to “safely” be carried into the world, my parents took me to church. So this teaching of “freedom in Christ” is nothing new. However, I must admit that truly experiencing that freedom and starting to grasp just a small part of this concept is new. We tie all kinds of unrealistic expectations on ourselves not realizing that each one weighs us down, sinking us deeper into a sea of emotions and farther away from Christ. When we live like this the flesh controls us.

Remember Galatians 5:1? “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Christ has set us free!

Freedom. Do I really believe that?

I can say that right now I am living in that freedom, and it is awesome! I don’t have to worry about how difficult situations will turn out. I do not have to concern myself with outcomes. Freedom in Christ means being a good steward of what he has given you-today-and resting in the peace that only comes from letting God take control.

Furthermore, Romans 8 tells us that those who are in Christ are not controlled by the sinful nature but by the Spirit. Being controlled by the flesh brings hostility and ultimately death. Being controlled by the Spirit brings life and peace. And freedom. The moment we relinquish control to the Spirit we give up our right to worry about outcomes. What emotional freedom this brings!

Why is it so hard as humans to let go? And really, the belief that we are in control of much is a complete illusion. Giving up worry and our right to act on emotions means giving up our sense of control.

And we don’t like that. At. All.

This is another one of Satan’s schemes. As long as we think we are in control we carry anxiety, worry and pride right along with us. Who can experience freedom when those words are apart of our lives? And yet every morning we pick up our bag with all of these bricks. In reality, we are already carrying them because we took the bag to bed the night before.

So here is what I have concluded about emotions, worry, and control: give up these burdens and gain freedom. Is that too simple? It is the truth! Freedom in Christ comes only from relinquishing control to the Spirit. This can be done through prayer-a lot of prayer. Redirecting our thoughts is another vital component. What are you dwelling on? Who is controlling your mind? Where are your eyes? I can tell you right now if they are on yourself you will always be emotional and never experience freedom. Easier said than done, right? I do not pretend to have this down. But I can tell you that I have experienced this freedom in a new way, and it is incredible.

Stop right now. Lay it down. Live in the freedom that Christ died for. It will change your life.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

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