Evidence of His Presence

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Years ago I listened to a Focus on the Family broadcast that featured women who had lost their husbands on September 11, 2001. Just reading “September 11, 2001” strikes a chord in me and probably does you as well. As you can imagine, I was immediately captivated, hanging on every word of these women who had lost so much. While I cannot remember most of what was said, the part I do remember is seared in my conscious forever. When asked what these wives missed most, it was not the holidays or birthday parties or special occasions. These women unanimously agreed that they missed “evidence of his presence.” The hardest part was no longer seeing his clothes lying on the floor, his tooth brush in the bathroom drawer, or his glasses on the counter. An absence of these seemingly insignificant events meant that person was gone forever.

This hit me hard.

The things I can easily become irate about are the things these women would give anything to have again. The summary speaks for itself. The next time you are on the verge of losing it with a loved one for something so small, stop. Smile. Be thankful. The fact that pillows and blankets are strewn on the sofa in a less than feng shui arrangement or shoes are once again in the middle of the floor means someone has been there. I now challenge myself when my natural tendency wants to lose it over something small, I feel gratitude and say, “That’s just evidence of his presence.”

I now welcome more evidence.



  1. So true…losing Dane is my biggest fear in life and I think about it probably more than the average person because of the whole police/pilot thing! 🙂 You are so right…I can get annoyed about the little things but I would really miss them! Sharing 🙂

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