It All Matters

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The debate for the most effective weight loss method rages on. Shocker. While I do not agree with the majority of what I read on this topic, a recent journal article caught my attention.

The International Journal of Obesity released an online preview of an article entitled Perceived weight status and risk of weight gain across life in US and UK adults. Here was the conclusion of this research study: “Perceiving oneself as being ‘overweight’ is counter-intuitively associated with an increased risk of future weight gain among US and UK adults.” In other words, if you think you are overweight you will actually become more overweight. In other words, what we think about ourselves matters.

Granted, in order to make a change we must acknowledge that a change is warranted in the first place. But what is absolutely wonderful about these findings is that we can shift our focus from what we are today to what we want to become tomorrow. If you want to become more educated on a topic, begin seeing yourself as knowledgeable in that field. Read books on the subject. Surround yourself with people who are skilled in that discipline.

An effective approach to weight loss is no different. Are you dwelling on what you have always thought about your weight or what others continuously say concerning your health? No wonder making a change is difficult! You believe what you have been told and continued failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The conclusion of this article backs up what we know to be true but often fail to acknowledge: what we think about matters. How we perceive ourselves matters. Who we listen to matters. And what we believe and dwell on eventually turns into action, which results in our makeup and our character, which is the sum-total of millions of little choices.

So, I challenge you today to ponder this question: How do you perceive yourself and why? Today is the day to redefine your health. No excuses. Start acting your “weigh” into lasting change. Begin eating better, exercising, and seeing yourself as the healthy, vibrant, energetic person you are. If you are overweight and keep thinking that is true, it always will be. The moment you decide to see yourself differently is the moment it will start becoming your reality.

Change your thoughts because every single one of them matters.


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