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It’s time I share about something that could change your life. I am not talking about a magic bullet. I am not talking about a weight loss product. I am not talking about a fad, quick fix or anything else that promises to make all your problems, or weight, disappear. What I am talking about is a product that will nourish your body in a way that we cannot or do not get from food alone. This product is Juice Plus+.

Wait! Before you close out your web browser thinking I am just selling a product, hear me out. I am often asked about nutrition, exercise and how to have a healthier lifestyle, and I want to share information about just one tool to assist you on this journey.

Juice Plus+ is simply fruits and vegetables in a bars, shakes and capsule form. That’s it. I’m not about to argue that the benefits of eating whole fruits and veggies are replaceable. But I do ask you this: When was the last time you ate 9+ servings of fruits and vegetables in one day? I have one friend, Natalie, who I am pretty sure does this regularly, but I struggle to get even 3-4 servings each day! Juice Plus+  is a way to ensure I am getting these extra nutrients.

Taking Juice Plus+ not only nourishes the body but also gets the ball rolling for other healthy changes. A main focus is “One Simple Change”. This is exactly in line with how I have always encouraged people when counseling about nutrition and exercise. Make one change every 1-2 weeks. Doing an overhaul on your entire life is not realistic nor is it sustainable. But changing one aspect of life and seeing results is empowering and cultivates continued improvements in health. One of these first changes for you may be to eat out 1-2 times less each month and invest that money in Juice Plus+.

Another aspect of Juice Plus+ that resonates with me is the research behind the product. For those of you who love reading journal articles, check it out for yourself here. Unlike many supplements that claim scientific studies have been performed (only to find out they were conducted in house), the benefits of Juice Plus+ are researched by a variety of universities and published in prestigious medical journals.

An added bonus to taking the Orchard (fruit) and Garden (vegetable) blends is that with an adult order you can add a child (4 years old-college) for free! Yes, for free. The catch? You are asked to complete a survey 3 times each year. The child can be your own or just one you love. The Children’s Health Study is a way for you to instill in a child the importance of good nutrition.

On this first day of 2016, as many of us have a renewed energy and commitment to health, I challenge you to add Juice Plus+ to your healthy lifestyle for just 1 year. When January 1, 2017 rolls around, feel free to stop taking it. But my guess is, you won’t. 

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox. Feel free to message me with any questions or checkout the website here. Take the first step in making a change for the better. As with any change, it takes time. It takes commitment. Some benefits you will see. Some you won’t. And some you may never even know are happening. This year, make a commitment to your health by taking Juice Plus+, and watch the transformation one day at a time, one choice at a time, One Simple Change at a time.  

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