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You know how our society is always going, sleep deprived, rushed, stressed, keeping up with the latest whatever? Or how even if you don’t really care about status and money there are still things that have to be done like cleaning and grocery shopping and cooking and bills? Or there are even good things like church and evangelism and building relationships with people we are always on the go. And even in what we have deemed “good” things or “kingdom” things, we often allow a heaviness to overshadow every action.

Pressure. Pressure we have placed on ourselves. Pressure we have allowed others to place on us.

Even now as I type these words I’m eating breakfast, drinking coffee, texting, washing clothes and am fighting the urge to get up and clean something. All good things. All necessary tasks. But my mind is pulled in many different directions. It was only recently I realized how much pressure I placed on myself.

I don’t want to rehash our crazy lives or give a step by step of how to decrease pressure. My life is actually calmer and more settled right now than it has been in a while. And yet I still fight the perceived pressure. Perceived pressure.

So, let us fix our eyes on Jesus.

When you think about Jesus, do you picture him frantically running around, wondering how he will get everything done? Do you picture his entourage jogging from town to town, speaking quickly and dashing to the next event? “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you stress.”

I’m not sure that’s how it goes.

How would he have any credibility in preaching peace and a worry free life if he was constantly under pressure? When I picture Jesus, for some reason I always imagine slow motion. When I read the gospels I find myself reading slower than usual. Even in how I read about Jesus I learn about him!

Today’s encouragement is short and sweet…so sweet. Lay down the burden. Release the pressure. Take Jesus at his word. Meet him.

And you will find rest for your souls.

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