Real Love

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Blah, blah, blah.

I have tried about five times to structure a complete paragraph. The first line is what I came up with. Surely I have more going on in my head than “blah”.

Not long after, the top of Annabelle’s head grazed my chin. She is nestled against me as I am up and down, trying to write, washing clothes, working- the never ending constant of life. She is unaware of anything going on because she is asleep. And then God took me to a story that was not on my list of stories to read today.

Open up your Bible to Mark 4:35-41. No, really, get out your Bible. I cannot recount this story like it is written in Scripture. As you read, wash away everything else you “should” be doing right now. Come to the Book with fresh eyes. Put on your Sperry’s and get in the boat.

I read this section over and over searching for why God called me here right now. There are three things that are jumping out:

  • The storm was real. Obviously, but how often do we blow right past the obvious? There were waves and thunder and lightning. Not having the rest of the story, the disciples were doubtful they would make it out of this one alive. This was no parable; this storm was real.
  • The emotion was real. The disciples woke Jesus and asked, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” Did the disciples really think that Jesus did not care? Emotional would describe anyone in that situation. Emotions may be real but it doesn’t make them true. Can you imagine if we acted on every feeling as if it were true? Oh, boy… The next time you are emotional and start to believe feeling as fact, stop and listen to Jesus. The disciples’ emotions were real but they were not true.
  • The miracle was real. With nothing more than words, Jesus calmed a violent storm. If you hear nothing else today, hear this: we serve a God who in a single breath can calm the sea. He has command over the storms of nature and the storms in your life. The power of this miracle was real then and it is real today.

The original idea for today’s blog was “Love”. After all, Valentine’s Day is coming up so naturally our topic should be on love. As you can tell from the opening line of “Blah, blah, blah” it was apparent I had nothing. And yet, as I dig in to the passage of Scripture that came out of nowhere, I have come full circle to love, not in the way I intended, but love nonetheless. Why did Jesus calm the storm? Because he loves. Why was he in the flesh in the first place? Because he loves. This love is true and runs deeper than we can ever imagine. Open up any story about Jesus and love is written all over it.

This Valentine’s Day, if you are one who happens to rank this as your favorite day of the year, enjoy! Or if you find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum, buckle down and get through it. But for all of us, let’s spend a little extra time relishing the love we experience from God every day. And remember Jesus, the one whose love is so deep that he got into a boat, experienced a real storm, real emotions, and real miracles to show us the extent of his love.

Jesus. Real love.

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