Struggles of the Stroller

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One of my favorite pastimes is watching my daughter explore. She is curious about everything! Her focus on any one task lasts less than one minute every single time. I wondered where she got that from and my husband quickly told me exactly: her Grams and her mom. I am certain that short attention spans are age appropriate but my guess is it won’t get much better even with age. It’s in her genes.

With this short attention span also comes quick frustration when said activity does not go her way. The latest hurdle is learning how to move her stroller through the baby gate and over the threshold. She continues ramming the wheels into the metal base expecting different results with each push. A twinge of guilt ensues as I laugh while she cries, continuing to push the stroller without successful movement. After the laughing subsides, my next reaction is to swoop in and rescue her. I want to pick up the stroller and set it safely on the other side of the gate where pushing across the floor happens with ease. It would be much faster, quieter, and less stressful for us both.

But I refrain.

I continue watching and coaching, and after some time has passed, I help demonstrate how to maneuver said object over the obstacle. With a little perseverance, she can eventually find success.

God continues to teach me as I journey forward in parenthood-His role as my Father and my role as His child. Can you relate? How many times have you experienced the struggle of the stroller, only to be met with failure and frustration? You call out to God for help, possibly even seeking Him with tears. You know He sees you. You know He has the ability to fix the situation. You know He could speak a word and solve the problem at hand. Yet He remains silent for a time.

We need to be reminded that God loves us as a Father loves a child. He disciplines us for our good. And if He has seemingly left us to struggle with the stroller, the reality is, He is right there keeping an eye on us. He is just an arm’s reach from rescuing us. But the growth often comes when he chooses not to. Yet just like a child cannot comprehend every decision of a parent, we cannot fathom the wisdom and actions of God.

I have countless opportunities each day to do everything for my daughter. While she still needs most tasks done for her, she is also growing into the ability to discover solutions on her own. But to learn she must struggle.

As for us, as for our role as God’s children, we can take comfort knowing that the Lord’s way is perfect. If He is allowing us to struggle, it is for our good, for our growth and for His glory. While He may not be laughing as we push that stroller into the gate for the tenth time, He is watching. He is present. He is keeping a pulse on the situation. And He has something better for us on the other side.

Keep struggling with that stroller, and praise God for what is waiting on the other side of the gate.

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