Ten Reasons Why You Should Exercise

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There is a huge difference between knowing something is good for you and actually doing it. I know flossing is good but do I floss? Definitely. When I eat popcorn. I know being in the sun for prolonged periods is terrible for your skin. But do I wear sunscreen? Sometimes.

Exercise is no exception. Just knowing the benefits does little good if knowledge isn’t translated into action.

The good news is, the conversion can occur with just a little bit of tweaking. Something as simple as putting on your workout clothes and tennis shoes, whether you feel like it or not, helps you take one step in the right direction. Or consider that moving more throughout the day might result in motivation to hit the gym after work.

One of the best ways to convert knowledge into action is by focusing on outcomes. A few weeks ago we discussed the importance of considering second- and third- order consequences. If you are solely focused on the first-order consequence (pain), chances are slim that you will actually workout. Because you will go wherever you are looking, it’s important to shift your gaze. Focusing on these 10 benefits of exercise may just be the kick in the pants you need to get moving!

Ten reasons why you should exercise.

  1. You will feel better. Exercise may not feel good in the process but afterwards, you feel great!
  2. You will have more energy. Exercise combats fatigue by boosting energy levels. Instead of sleeping 30 extra minutes, try a workout to kick start your day.
  3. You will increase muscle mass. Interval training and resistance training build muscle size and therefore, strength. A stronger body helps in day to day activities.
  4. You will increase metabolism. The only way to increase one’s metabolism is by increasing lean body mass. Not only does increased muscle mass increase strength, it increases metabolism, too!
  5. You will be happier. Exercise causes the release of chemicals called endorphins. These generate positive feelings. Not to mention that tackling a workout makes you feel accomplished which also makes you happy!
  6. You will be empowered. Completing a workout gives you a feeling of power to complete other tasks throughout the day. If you can conquer a workout, you feel you can conquer anything the day throws your way!
  7. You will have less anxiety. The mental effects of exercise are just as important as the physical benefits. Decreased stress and anxiety are nice side effects of the body working hard.
  8. You will sleep better. Less stress and anxiety also results in better sleep. Make exercise a priority and enjoy more restful sleep.
  9. You will increase or maintain bone density. During resistance training, osteoblasts are released which ultimately result in stronger bones. Exercise is important in helping to prevent osteoporosis.
  10. You will never regret it. The best quote I ever heard concerning this truth? “’Wow, I really regret that workout.’ Said no one. Ever.”

Now get off your phone, put on your tennis shoes, and translate this knowledge into action!

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