The Top 7 Lessons from my Latest Adventure

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A couple weeks ago I visited my second favorite state: Florida. I would go once a month if I had the opportunity. I love that place. And I love the memories I have from our time there. I have just a few random thoughts and reminders from my short, two and a half day trip.

  1. Stay in touch with old friends. If you are blessed enough to have had good friends in your life, keep them. Call them. Write them. Stay in touch and visit as much as possible. The visiting part can be difficult because of distance. Some of my dearest friends live in Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Panama, and Texas. One would think that the Texas friends would be easy to see, but it’s Texas. We have already established the size of this state.
  1. Think twice before taking a voucher. I gave up my seat on a Sunday night flight only to find myself finally arriving to West Palm Beach half way through Tuesday. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I have all but vowed to never give up my seat again. Even the ticket agent told me in fewer words that it was not a good idea. Lesson learned.
  1. Make friends with people of all ages. Other than my best friend Carolyne who I talk with literally once or twice a day, I talk with my 6 year old friend Emma probably the second most. She calls on FaceTime, which usually means I am looking at the ceiling. She holds a special place in my heart. Never think someone is too old or too young to be your friend.
  1. Try not to dwell on the past. This is one lesson I have talked about in several posts. You should have the idea by now: this is a tough one for me. Being in Florida caused a flood of memories to come rushing back. There is SO much about it that I miss. I am still learning to just be thankful for all that happened and everything I learned and move on. Moving on is hard. But keeping your eyes in the rear view mirror is harder.
  1. Baby brain is real. This may seem a little ridiculous to list as a lesson. I say this for the comfort of those who know exactly what I mean and for the education of people who believe this is an old wives tale. Let me explain. I was enjoying time talking with my pervious boss and friend. I knew her birthday was sometime the week of my visit. She told me the specific day a couple weeks before. Someone even brought her a birthday present while I was sitting in her office. Did it ever occur to me that it was her birthday? No! Baby brain. A belated birthday card is in the mail as we speak.
  1. Beauty can be found in places other than the ocean. I love the ocean (Have I mentioned this before?). Hands down one of my favorite places to be on this earth. But I was reminded that God has created gifts of beauty all around us: a sunrise, a sunset, canyons, open fields, clouds, flowers, people, trees, blue sky, etc. Even in west Texas there is beauty all around. And there is beauty wherever you live, too. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes.
  1. Do not accept rides from the driver of an unmarked car. This could have been much worse than what it was. Remember how I didn’t get to West Palm Beach until Tuesday? Our flight was delayed getting into DFW on Monday, and the airline provided a voucher for a taxi and hotel. As I was searching for any yellow car to come by, an unmarked, black vehicle pulled up, and the driver asked if I needed a ride. It was late, and I was tired, hungry, and yes, I will play the baby brain card. I got in the car. Alone. Late at night. In DFW. Not one of my finest moments. I prayed a lot and obviously made it out alive. In the future I will use a little more caution when traveling alone.

Here is my basic conclusion: have adventures, learn lessons, tell someone about those lessons, and prevent others from doing dumb things.

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