Times Are Changin’

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Change. Just typing the word does not evoke positive emotions. I don’t mind change-I just don’t want to be there for it.

In June we started gearing up for a major change: a move to Texas. I must preface the rest of this entry by saying how truly excited we are to have the opportunity to live close to family. This is a “Yes” to many, many prayers over the years. However, that excitement does not take away the pain of breaking from the home we have here.

I am realizing how many things are gradually becoming different. I feel I am in a slow motion film. An hour equals a day, and a day equals a week. The gravity of some of the losses is already setting in.

At the same time it is all going very quickly. Within a matter of days of accepting the job offer we shared the news with family, put our house on the market (which took a fair amount of time), and told our employers, coworkers, and small group. To top things off, my best friend’s sweet baby girl was born within a few days of confirming the move.

I am grieving the loss of superficial things such as the luxury going for a run on the beach after a stressful day at work or knowing if I really wanted to I could be on Splash Mountain in a matter of hours. But the true loss I am grieving is the relationships. There are many people we love and care for here in Florida. But these relationships are changing and will continue to change.

There’s that word again: change. Why can’t everything just stay the same? It’s silly to ask such questions. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time for everything. A time to weep and a time to laugh. A time to mourn and a time to dance. A time to plant and a time to uproot. And we are nearing our time to take up our roots from this place and plant again in Texas. It is exciting and scary, happy and sad, bitter and sweet all at the same time.

 Change is inevitable.

In fact, it’s healthy. Change causes growth, and more importantly it causes us to cling to the only One who does not change. I tend to turn to God when everything around me seems to be tumultuous. This is not to say I do not look to Him when life is consistent and smooth, but the challenging times are when we see where our faith is anchored.

My guess is you are going through your own changes. Maybe your son is heading off to college in the next month. Or maybe you have just experienced the death of a loved one or even the birth of a child. Your change may be in a different capacity: you are waiting for a change such as a new job or the news that you will be a parent in 9 months. Maybe the change seems to be happening to everyone around you while you just…wait. Whatever your circumstances are I know we have the same Father to turn to. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Knowing He has a plan in all things gives me the peace and courage I need to keep moving forward. And my prayer is that whether you do not readily embrace change or are desperately praying for a different situation that you will look to the One who does not change. Knowing that we serve a God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever is all I need for now.

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