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Worshiping with my hometown congregation always strikes a chord of nostalgia. This past Sunday, for whatever reason, seemed to strike that chord a little deeper. During the singing I found myself gazing around the auditorium, captivated by the lives of the souls surrounding me. I saw a family whose child is battling cancer. One couple who had lost a child, another who had lost a spouse. I saw high school kids who are just days away from leaving for college. I saw a family who had adopted a child. A man who generally comes alone. A glowing, newly married couple. I glanced over to the deaf section seeing four people leading singing to represent the four parts of the song. I saw a police officer, a professor, a business owner, a stay at home mom, and an elderly widow. I saw newborn babies and people nearly the end of this journey.

And tears welled in my eyes. I. Love. This. Place. The hard times, the fun times, the blessed events, the times of discipline, the lessons learned, the everlasting relationships formed.

Every experience in church, good and bad, has shaped me. Each decision made, good and bad, played a role in how I remember my experience growing up. The saints who worship there have endured many hardships and are still standing, stronger today because of them.

And it hit me like a Mack truck: what I am doing today is shaping how my daughter will remember her growing up years tomorrow. How I handle the special times, victories, failures, and attacks of today effects how people will remember tomorrow. This walk down memory lane called me to look at the road that lies ahead.

Here is the short and sweet reminder for the day: be today who you want to remember tomorrow, who you want others to remember tomorrow. Be the mom today that you want your children to remember tomorrow. Be the dad, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, neighbor, aunt, teacher, mentor today that you want to be remembered as tomorrow. Every decision, big or small, is shaping someone’s life and therefore how they will remember the past.

Who we are today matters. Let’s make it something worth remembering.


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