What If?

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I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. You know those mornings (probably most mornings), when you are sleepily lying in bed thinking of all the things you need to get up for, dreading the getting up part because your bed is so nice and warm? Really, it would actually be easier to just get up and go, but instead you replay all the reasons why in the short term it would feel better to pull the covers over your head and try again in a couple of hours. I was thinking of all the excuses that if acted upon will lead to mediocre living.


What if focused on the blessings?

What if I got up 30 minutes earlier?

What if I went to bed 30 minutes earlier so I could get up 30 minutes earlier?

What if I made my health a priority?

What if I wrote a note to someone every day?

What if I read my Bible every day?

What if I prayed without ceasing?

What if I said no to anything that does not align with my purpose?

What if I was wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil?

What if I refused to make excuses?

What if I committed to exercising 3-5 days each week?

What if I cut my TV time in half?

What if I looked at my spouse or children in the eyes when they were speaking?

What if I unplugged for a set time every day?

What if I limited my time on Facebook?

What if I had an action plan for when I am discouraged?

What if I ate more fruits and vegetables?

What if I did one thing I am afraid to do?

What if I took control of screen time?

What if I began with the end in mind?

What if I chose one bad habit to break?

What if I turned off a movie that is unwholesome?

What if I cut off a relationship that I should not be engaged in?

What if I stopped comparing myself to others?

What if I spent God’s money wisely?

What if I lived as if this world is not my home?

What if I loved God and loved others?

What if I filtered every decision through truth in God’s word?

What if?

Refuse to settle for mediocrity.

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